Commonly Asked Questions

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Following is a selection of commonly asked questions.

Ideally in summer you should set it between 24°C and 26°C. For every degree lower, your running costs can increase by up to 15%. 

If you are using reverse cycle during winter, set the temperature to 20°C or 21°C. 

Other factors can affect your energy usage, so please contact us if you require more information.

The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) maintains strict procedures on the correct usage and disposal of refrigerant gas in order to protect the environment. 

As an ARCtick certified air-conditioning and refrigeration specialist. We are licensed to handle refrigerant gas according to ARC guidelines.

Most newer air-conditioner models have a warning light to indicate when a dirty filter is affecting the unit’s efficiency. Regardless, they should be cleaned at least once a season in homes, and once a month for commercial applications.

For your peace of mind, call Absolute Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Services today and find out about our cost-saving maintenance plans

A few key signs indicate your refrigeration system isn’t working at full capacity or has a fault. These include:

  • Excess condensation
  • A noisy or very hot motor
  • The compressor is constantly running
  • Door seals are peeling
  • Food spoiling too quickly
  • Frost build-up in the freezer

Our cool rooms are mounted on trailers, allowing us to safely transport them using our work vehicle. Once it is setup in the correct location, the cool room is then secured with wheel clamps.