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At Absolute Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Services, we pride ourselves on quick turnaround and quality workmanship on new installations, repairs and maintenance. 

Get in touch with our air-conditioner experts today and experience true comfort in your Gladstone home or business.

New Installs

We do it all—from compact and energy-efficient residential units to custom-made multi-room commercial and industrial cooling systems. We can help you choose the most appropriate model for the area you want heated or cooled. 

We sell ducted, split system and reverse cycle units from a number of reputable suppliers, including:

Contact us today to chat about air-conditioning options for your home or business. For out-of-hours questions, simply fill out our enquiry form.


If you’re experiencing any issues with your air-conditioner, such as noisy operation, incorrect temperature air or water leaks, just call us

With more than 3 decades of experience repairing air-conditioners of all brands and sizes, we’ll get the job done right, first time. Our technicians have access to spares and mechanical parts from all the major brands, so we can often perform replacement work on the spot.

Maintenance & Plans

Looking to save on your air-conditioner costs and power bills? Regular maintenance from our team will ensure your unit is working at peak efficiency. 

A build-up of dust and grime on your air conditioner’s air filters will reduce its effectiveness. Cleaning them professionally is one of the more obvious steps we take. 

For tips on how to get the most out of your air-conditioner, please see our FAQ

We provide preventative plans, such as Spring season inspections to ensure peak performance of your unit throughout the summer. Additionally, you can take a yearly or monthly service agreement that covers all the top brands.

Call Absolute Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Services and speak to our friendly team about the ideal maintenance plan for you.